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Spend less time rummaging through your inbox
and more time getting things done.

Rescue my inbox!

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Flow Control - automatic filtering.
Flow Charts - insights from your email activity.
Public Profile - manage expectations with others.

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Activity graphs
Stay on top of the day and amplify your productivity with this nifty little graph that displays your incoming and outgoing email activity at a glance.

Your read & reply ratios
Are you falling behind on your day or are you hard on its heels? Let our donut chart show you your all-time, daily or monthly read/response ratio.

Contacts awaiting response Not all emails are worth reading. Let the important ones glide to the top as the distracting ones sink to the bottom, keeping you focused on what matters.

Potty train your inbox and keep out the crap.

  • Price-img1 Gain Time
    'Saving' time is overrated! Gain as much as 2 hours per week with Glider without cutting corners with your work.
  • Price-img2 Unbreachable Security
    Your account is stored on Windows Azure behind an army of firewalls and encrypted networks. To ensure your privacy we only process email headers, we never process your email content!
  • Price-img3 Shamefully Affordable
    We'll make your life a ton easier every month for just the price of a venti Caramel Macciato. Smooth, right?
  • Price-img4 Eternal Love and Support
    Ok, maybe not eternal love, but we’re always here to answer your questions via Email, Facebook and Twitter.

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Flow Control - automatic filtering.
Flow Charts - insights from your email activity.
Public Profile - manage expectations with others.

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Your email habits
Tell the world how you like to use your email. What you like, what you don't like, how long you normally take to reply - it's your email, set your rules!

Information about you and your inbox
Ever wish someone had looked at your LinkedIn profile or knew how much you had going on before they sent another of those stupid "Ping!" emails. Here's your chance to expand their little world and blow their little minds!

Social media feed
The internet has no secrets these days, add your LinkedIn and Twitter feed directly into your Glider profile and help people develop a broader picture of who you are. Before they email you!
Social media sharing and feed widgets

Add and remove access to your social media accounts quickly and easily. Now there is no such thing as TMI!

Your basic profile info

You decide what people can and can't see on your profile page. Don't want to show anything at all - not a problem, you can turn your profile off as well!

Your preferences

Email on your terms - lay down the law and let people know how you like to interact. Hate long drawn out emails? Tell the world, we can't promise those ridiculous email signatures will disappear overnight - but we're doing our part to help!

Now I can spend my time replying to email, not sorting.

Ben Fisher, CEO of

My inbox is just people.

Paul DeJoe, CEO of Ecquire

Glider aims to weed out the bacn in your inbox so you can get back to work.

Mark Ward, Technology correspondent, BBC News